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  1. Hi Konstantin,

    interessanter blog! Wir suchen noch nach mitgestaltern für unseren Blog Den betreiben wir freiwillig seit ca. 2 Jahren und suchen immer nach gleichgesinnten, die mit ihren Beiträgen nicht in den Tiefen des Netzes verschollen sein wollen.


    Ich würde mich über eine ANtwort freuen.

    BG aus Berlin,



  2. Hi Konstantine,

    I have scoured the Stackexchange and Google GIS forums on QGIS for this problem, intermittently for over a year. I give up I need help. Using QGIS 2.1.0 I use the OpenLayers plugin to provide an aerial base map. I want to digitize from it but when I zoom in to the large scale I need for digitizing, QGIS will not render the base layer!The few blogs I’ve seen with a similar question answered it with, “set the zoom scale” that is not the problem.

    So I tried Geopapatile to create zoom-able aerial tiles stored on my hard drive that were not dependent on the the OpenLayers plugin. I’m able to view only the overview file which is a tiff extension with a corresponding wld file. It has only the same resolution as the OpenLayers image I made the tiles from. Zooming it goes to pixels with no increase in resolution. Geopapatile created folders that supposedly represent the zoom levels and they have png files in them (which I presume have the zoom levels in them that I need?). But I can’t figure out out to ask QGIS to represent them. I tried TileLayerPlugin but I guess I have no idea what that is actually for or how to use it.


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