“Alles neu macht der Mai”…

… is a famous saying in Germany (where I’m from – in case you didn’t know). In English it’s “May gives birth to the fruits of April’s wet labor”, which sounds even nicer. The reason I’m writing this is that I decided to make some changes to this website. Oh, and because it’s May…

The first change is quite obvious, since I modified the layout of the site completely. The second change might be more subtle, as it’s about the contents of the site. Both are closely connected, as I will briefly explain below.

When I started this website in early 2011 I wanted it to be more of a web page than a blog. The content I was planning to publish were my works and longer pieces of text that I would write specifically for the website. Yet, as time proves, I haven’t really gotten along to sit down and write specific pieces and articles for this website. But there were many things I was eager to share, albeit in the form of short articles that would be more (and only) appropriate as blog posts. So over time it became apparent to me that I should indeed perceive my website as a blog, where I can publish both brief ideas and snippets of contents in a timely fashion as well as longer texts and articles when they are ripe.

Since this website was running on WordPress.org from the beginning, it was not a whole lot of work to make it into a “real” blog. Only, I had chosen the old design of the site with the purpose of a non-blog website in mind, giving it more of a static, page-based structure. Now that I’m planning to publish more I wanted the page layout to facilitate a more dynamic publishing style and structure.

I hope you will like the new design (both conceptually and in terms of layout) of the page as much as I do, and I’m happy to hear your comments about it. May I also invite you to follow me on Twitter to keep up to date about new posts and other things I’m sharing. Please expect more contents to come soon and hopefully more regularly than hitherto!

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