Some catching up to do…

It has been awfully quiet here on my website for the past three months or so. It’s not like I have nothing to write about – quite the opposite actually. The extended silence was mostly due to my concentrated efforts in finishing up my PhD thesis by the end of this month. Since unfortunately I had to face the bitter fact now that this will not be feasible, I allowed myself a few more months and shifted the deadline into spring 2014.

This will obviously not only give me time to finish properly what I have been working on for the past months and years, but it also means that I finally can spare some time for doing things “off the record” – one of them being finally going back to publish stuff here on this site. I have run across so many things that I would like to share, that there should (hopefully) be no shortage of posts to come.

Some of these will be about tips, quirks, and hacks that I have encountered while working on my doctoral research or one of the other projects I am or have been involved in. I’m planning to publish them under the label “good to know”, because that’s what they are. Or so I hope. They will probably be shorter in length and more applied than some of the other, more scientific topics that I have in mind. Nevertheless I hope they will be useful for anybody out there who is desperately searching the web for the solution to that one issue that has been bugging them for the past hours, days or weeks. I know that I would have been glad to find some of these solutions out there somewhere. Others build upon solutions I did find out there, and I will definitely make sure to give credit where credit is due (i.e. link back to the original solution).

I’m interested in seeing how this pans out and at the same time thrilled that there is finally being some new content here on my website, hopefully also attracting a bit more traffic.

Stay tuned, and thanks for still sticking around here.

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